Right now, I am learning to love myself more open heartedly, practicing the art of writing through creative and professional outlets, practicing yoga and meditation, and growing in my role as a mother and wife in our family of four.

Right now, I am in Syracuse, New York focusing on these things:

  • Raising my children, supporting their passions and interests
  • Being a loving friend for my husband
  • Writing posts for my blog
  • Engaging in daily practices of 30-minutes of writing to advance my research in mathematics education
  • Grant writing to fund a new study on mindfulness in mathematics
  • Practicing yoga and meditation, mindfulness, and present moment awareness on and off my yoga mat
  • Planning, teaching, and reflecting on my teaching of mathematics and mathematics education

As a lifelong learner, there is always something to learn, discover, and integrate into my world. Reach out.

Last update: September 2, 2017

Page inspired by Derek Sivers and Leo Babauta